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About Me

"The difference....I want to empower YOU!"


Christine Patt, Owner

Landscape Designer / Horticulturalist

Have you ever thought, “What if there were no pollinators?  How would our plants grow?  How would we feed our families?!?!”  At a young age, that thought developed into a Sustainable Landscape and Horticulture Degree.  The satisfaction of literally getting my hands involved in the earth nurtured my love for design and functionality.  Working at Manitowoc Landscape for a few years honed my skills in the place I love best…nature.  Gardening at home quickly became a new found love; sparking the desire to provide fresh organic produce for my family.  I started by growing plants that are herbicide and pesticide free and then started saving the seeds from the plants that produced the fruits and vegetables that myself and my family liked best…and that I was able to grow well.  I start all of my plants indoors in a greenhouse in organic soil. I fertilize with worm castings and worm tea as they start to sprout.  Once grown and outdoor, combination plantings make my world even more beautiful, resourceful and full of life as I incorporate bright, alluring pollinators into the landscape. I literally decorate my life with plants in an aesthetically pleasing and functional way.  What is the difference between myself and other gardeners?  The difference….I want to empower YOU!

The Vision

I believe in providing and inspiring others to grow healthy plants in an herbicide and pesticide-free environment and cultivate the ever more vital primordial bond between humans and plants.

Events & Workshops

​Gardening 101


Coming soon!

Plant a Vegetable Patch


Coming soon!

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